Monday, November 14, 2011

Lost in Life

So okay, yeah, I can admit it. I'm overwhelmed. Completely! Writing is taking up all my free time!!! And what is free time by the way? Working the full time day job, parenting and being the Mom Taxi is sucking up all my energy, let alone my imagination! Thank goodness it's almost winter and I won't feel guilt over staying indoors for hours at a time, strapped to my desktop. This time of year is always hard to stay in, knowing that soon it will require seven layers of clothes just to reach the outdoors without freezing parts of my body off! 

Still, I've managed to enter and keep up with the Nanowrite. Not an easy feat, but I'm trying! I've also done some blogging elsewhere! Yeah, I know, I don't do much on here, but I thought getting my name and my books out there into a larger gene pool might be a good idea, plus, maybe you all would like to check out some of the cool sites out there. I know I enjoyed all the hot bloggers and review sites I found. I hope you do as well. 

Here are some of my spots. I hope you can stop on by. There are some prizes that go along with some of the sites, so be sure to stop on in. 


billi jean

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My Favorite Yahoo Group!

My Favorite Yahoo Group!