Saturday, May 7, 2011

Good News Comes in ....

Threes? :) Wait, or is that bad news? Maybe it's simply things that come in threes....Three bears, Three wishes....Three things to cheer about! 

Number One: I hit a roll on my editing of Silver's Chance and she's off to Noble Romance Publishing for a contract!!! Wooohooo. I'm so excited. This will be the second book published in my Sisters of the Moon Series. Samantha and Derrick made a brief appearance in Midnight Star  -- they were the couple in the beginning with some sizzling fireworks between them? Then they showed up a few more times just to hit Ranger over the head.... Let's just say Derrick is a wolf that does not know when to give up. Thankfully! 

Number Two: Midnight Star received another award! This time, Rose, over at Two Lips Review gave Star and Ranger a four and a half lips review. A few days later, Midnight Star went on to win the Reader's Choice Award!!! I can't tell you how wonderful it is, as a new author, to receive such well thought out, and well written feedback on my work. And having readers choose my book for an award? It's just wonderful.  It really boosts my confidence. But more, it  stabilizes my voice -- my inner thoughts (which are my characters thoughts) and when I feel that way, my work flows on the paper. Amazing. I wish I could bottle up reviews and slurp them down when I hit a tough spot in my editing!  Well, I guess I do that when I go back and re-read a few reviews...

Number Three: I'm feeling better! I've been struggling with some stomach thing -- for choice of a better word -- because I really don't know what is up with my stomach. Neither do the doctors. But -- this week I've hit a turn in the road and am feeling so much better I can almost forget how bad it was....almost. Anyway, I am so not taking my health for granted and still getting some tests, but WOW, do I feel more like ME. :)

Does anyone else have good news in threes? I hope we can have our good news triple again, rather than have a spurt of bad news.....:(

hugs and thank you for following! 

Billi Jean

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  1. Good news about Silver's Chance, I'm so excited! Hope it gets published soon LOL.

    Congratulations again on the award, that's awesome! And I'm so glad that it has helped you write. We should get you a few more of those, cuz we want more of your books! *g*

    And WOOHOO!!! that you are feeling better. It so sucks when you feel bad all the time over a long period, just sucks the life out of you, and when you and the doctors can't figure it out, well that just makes it seem hopeless. I hope the medical expenses are horrendous.


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