Monday, April 21, 2014

Trusting Love Give-Away #3!

To continue the party, I'm still going wild over Trusting Love, book 4 in the Love's Command Series. Over at Goodreads, you can enter to win a copy of Catch Me If You Can, book 3!!

If you can't wait to read Trusting Love, simply click on the cover, and you can enjoy the early download at Total Bound at a discounted price!

Below is the contest, for book 3!! 


billi jean 

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Catch Me If You Can by Billi Jean

Catch Me If You Can

by Billi Jean

Giveaway ends April 23, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trusting Love -- Give Away -- Celebration

This month, book four in the Love's Command Series is up for early download at Total Bound! To celebrate the release of this book -- at Total Bound and everywhere starting on May 23rd -- I'm running a series of Give-Aways!

First, is Running Scared, book one and the Give Away is over at Goodreads.

Good Luck and come back by to see where the other Give Aways will be held! ;)

billi jean

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Running Scared by Billi Jean

Running Scared

by Billi Jean

Giveaway ends April 17, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Trusting Love Give-Away Celebration # 2!

This is a month of great things! Trusting Love, book 4 in the Love's Command Series, is absolutely one of them, but so are my fans! In celebration of such awesome emails over this series, here's another give-away! Book 2 in the series. :) Happy reading everyone!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Safe In His Arms by Billi Jean

Safe In His Arms

by Billi Jean

Giveaway ends April 17, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Billi Jean's 75.00 Amazon Give-Away at Bitten By Books!

Hey all, don't miss out on my interview and give-away over at Bitten By Books giving away $ 75.00 worth of Amazon gift cards!

I'm also talking about my newest paranormal romance, Eternal Embrace. Stop by, leave a comment and enter for your chance to win!

chat with you soon,

billi jean

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Night Owl Reviews Give-Away

Hello Everyone! 

For the next few weeks I will be running contests at Night Owl Reviews. First up is my newest release, Catch Me If You Can. This is the third book in my Love's Command Series I have out with Totally Bound. If you're interested in entering my contest, go here. If you'd like to pre-order a copy at an exclusive discount go here

And not to leave you with just that, here is an exclusive snippet for you all to get a taste of the sexy Navy SEAL, Daren Scott: 

Daren's target stopped at the busy intersection and waited for the cars rushing along the street, giving him time to drink in the sight of her. Hed remembered her face, or so hed thought until now. Now he realized hed not gotten the beauty of her lips right, or the angle of her cheekbones when she tilted her head while she waited, or the way her eyes seemed to see everything. Her ears were small, so damn cute he noticed when she turned slightly to the left, an urge to stand behind her and bend so he could run his lips along the curve of her neck filled his head.
Fuck! he shouted, and was nearly out of the vehicle before hed even registered the bearded Arab holding a gun to the base of her skull. In the distance, he heard Tazz on his left, but all he could focus on was the complete lack of fear on Kylies face. She looked like she almost welcomed the death waiting for her. He saw her eyes widen a second when he yelled her name, then she ducked, jabbed the guy with an elbow, twisted around and Dare stumbled into him. He dropped the guy to the sidewalk without meaning to, simply because shed thrown him right at his feet.
Shit, dont move, dont move! he shouted, but she backed away with too-wide eyes, then pushed a woman at him and raced down the crowded street just as fast as she had at the airport. This time though, he wasnt suffering from whothehellitis. He knew this woman. No way was he losing heragain. He kicked into action, years of running for his life and after men much bigger and faster than Kylie Chung, punching him into a fast dash.
After six years, baby, if you think you can dodge me again, youre going to be wrong.
He heard Tazz shout his name and turned to yell, Get the guy, Im on her.
He turned back in time to see her make the corner and was out of sight. He spotted her a second after he pushed his way through the crowded street market. She was fast, and more, she seemed to know how to weave in and out of the people spread out in the streets without getting caught up by them or the fruit and vegetable dealers laying their produce out everywhere.
A block later he spotted her taking a left. He dodged down a side street filled with hanging laundry, but fewer people and raced to the end, took a right and barreled right into her. He grabbed her upper arms to keep her with him. Their eyes met. Hers were light, a hazel color with striations of darker brown that captivated him. Her cap had flown off and all her black hair had tumbled down around her shoulders.
He tried to think of what to say, but the only thing that came out was: You left me.
She blinked and tried to jerk out of his grip. He tightened his handsnd made sure she stayed put. She let out an angry spate of Korean, or maybe Chinese, but he refused to let her go. Finally she blew her hair off her face with an angry puff and stopped trying to break his hold. He guessed she could have dislodged him with one of her quick moves if she wanted to badly enough, but for some reason she hadnt.
Look, Im going to chase you if you do get away, so why not settle down, talk to me, and we can stop the running for a while, okay?
His honesty seemed to make  her frown.
 Why are you chasing me?
Just when he would have smiled at her exasperated demand, gunshots split the air. Pieces of the concrete wall behind her blew outward, spraying them both with debris. He tackled her down into a hunch under his arm and forced her behind the cars lining the street. Two more shots split the air. From the angle the bullets hit, Dare realized they werent necessarily aiming for them.
He shoved her up against a red BMW and chanced a look. Two men were stationed behind an overturned cart aiming for another vehicle where Tazz crouched half hidden behind the hood of the car. Tazz caught his eye and gave him the ok signal then shoved his hand down and out, indicating he should move out.
More shots were fired at Tazz. He hunched down, then returned fire, hitting one man and possibly the other.
People shouted and screamed, and Kylie tried to pull from Dares grip again. He hauled her close to his body and plowed his way through the throng like he was back on the football field, and ducked them both down behind a mid-sized van.
You want to tell me who is shooting at you? he asked.
Silence and a pissed off glare met his demand, then she dropped down that silent-I-dont-care-what-happens mask hed seen earlier, shutting him out, and he wasnt allowing that.
You dont care if you live or die? Is that it? he demanded. I do. Im not letting you get your head blown off because youve made some mistakes. Now, who is trying to kill you? he demanded again, shaking her shoulders for emphasis.
After several seconds of sizing him up——she shrugged and looked away, dismissing him for the second time in one day. Shit didnt happen to him. People, especially smaller, fragile looking women, answered his questions without him even having to touch them.
Just when he reached his limit, she sighed heavily and murmured. He wasnt trying to kill me. He wanted something from me. And it looks to me like they are shooting at you guys.
Kylie Chung was a beautiful woman, more captivating up close than she was from yards away. He still wasnt letting her pass on that one. Shed had a gun to her head, for Gods sake.
Maybe, but I wasnt the one with a gun pointed at my skull, executioner style. Now, heres what were going to do, he said and pulled her attention back to his face with his forefinger under her chin. For some damn reason, it mattered to him that she saw him, remembered him. In the desert, hed been busted up, his face swollen and cut up with shrapnel but hed counted on her recognizing him. Were going to circle around, and get in that vehicle --
No. She shrugged his hand off, pushed at him and tried to stand. He tugged her right back down to face him. He was bigger and he used it, ninja moves or not, she wasnt getting away again.
What else are you going to do? Run? He tightened his hands carefully on her tiny arms, and shook her gently. That didnt work so well, did it? You cant run through the streets of Seoul and dodge these guys.
She huffed at him like he was being the stubborn one. I can. I was before you came along. You stand out, you draw attention. I blend in. I cant go with you.
She was angry pissed even, but at him? Or at something else?
I stand out everywhere, thats life. He shrugged and grinned but she looked even more pissed, if possible. Do I have to remind you—”
You dont have to remind me of anything, she snapped.
She scanned the area, the tall buildings looming up around them, then the rushing pedestrians, then him again. Hed bet his last dollar she had this area mapped out already and had just pinpointed ten different ways to lose him.
All right, I can see youre serious about this. What else do you suggest we do? he asked.
She tightened her hands into fists until the knuckles turned white, clearly not willing to say. Instead she simply tried to ignore him. He could have told her that wouldnt work. He was used to attention, and if he had to, he knew how to get it. Hed bet his last dollar she wasnt a spy. And if she was?
Hed handle that when and if it was true. Hed already come too far to stop now.
Youre stuck with me  so I suggest you go with it. Its that, or I cuff you, tuck your pretty little butt over my shoulder, then we go to the location my man has secured for us.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Pre-Order Your Copy of Catch Me If You Can -- Book Four in the Love's Command Series

Happy Pre-order Friday! Yep, that means you can order your pre-release copy of Catch Me If You Can from Totally Bound for an exclusive discount. 

Catch Me If You Can is the fourth book in the Love's Command Series. 

Daren Scott refuses to let a woman touch his heart, but when he's faced with a woman he can't forget, can he trust that with her touch, he can finally hold on to love?
The world Daren Scott lived in was full of danger and, all too often, death. There was no place in it for love, and surely not one single woman. Women were weak, delicate, too easily taken out by a stray bullet to trust them for the long haul—until one woman. Kylie might prove that all he really needed was her touch.
When Kylie met Daren Scott, a new world of possibilities unfolded. He baffled her. He excited her. He drove her nuts. But most of all, he confused her. Was he more than the bad boy Navy SEAL bent on seducing her into his bed? Could he truly be the warm, tender man who stole her breath with a look and made her dreams possible?


billi jean

My Favorite Yahoo Group!

My Favorite Yahoo Group!